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The Postpartum Support Group

Mother and Baby on Floor

One of the biggest challenges of our current medical model is the lack of established care provided to mothers postpartum. 


Postpartum does not end at six weeks, three months, or even one year. Once you have birthed a child you are forever postpartum. You are forever transformed and deserving of support. 


This is why I created the Postpartum Support Group. A dedicated space where you can show up and be met.

The Postpartum Support Group provides you with the tools to experience less overwhelm in motherhood, explore what nourishes you as a parent, and move through your parenting journey with more ease and confidence.


This is a place where you can discover creative solutions to experience more connection and less conflict in your relationship.​

You will also receive ongoing guidance around:

  • Breastfeeding - pumping - bottle-feeding.

  • Sleep solutions for both you and baby.

  • Education on infant care.

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