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Parenthood Transformed:
A Support Group for Pregnant and Postpartum Parents

  • ​Are you feeling lonely and isolated in parenthood? 

  • Are you wondering how to reconnect with yourself and your partner after giving birth?​


  • Have you been up late at night asking Google for guidance around how to make the best choices for you and your family?

Most people believe that 6 weeks after giving birth we are suddenly no longer postpartum and somehow capable of going "back to normal".  

Postpartum is a time that needs deeper and longer holding. Postpartum extends beyond the initial recovery phase and into the next several years of the mother's life as she continues to grow alongside her child. 

This is why I created Parenthood Transformed: A Support Group for New Mothers.

This 6-month program is a space where you can feel seen and heard in your experience of motherhood.

This is a place for you to rediscover who you are in this season of your life, and discover what sustains and nourishes you as a parent.

It feels like a deep sigh of relief in knowing that you are not the only one struggling with navigating how your relationship intersects with parenthood.


You are not the only one struggling with sleep. You are not the only one worrying about which choices are the best decisions for your family.


You are not the only one feeling overwhelmed by the mental load of motherhood. 


It feels like someone has got your back.

Parenthood Transformed provides you with the tools to experience less overwhelm in motherhood, explore what nourishes you as a parent, and move through your parenting journey with more ease and confidence.​

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One of the biggest challenges of our current medical model is the lack of care provided to parents postpartum.

After your 6 week postpartum visit, you are left to navigate the turbulent waters of new parenthood alone.


Without adequate care and guidance this time can be filled with confusion, loneliness, and overwhelm. 

The thing with parenting is that we always need support and care. 

Postpartum does not end at six weeks, three months, or even one year.


Once you have birthed a child you are forever transformed and deserving of support. 

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"Gabrielle has an uncanny ability to lead you through all the confusion and chaos right to the core of what you want, what you value, and what you stand for. Becoming a mom can feel like losing yourself, and Gabrielle has - gently but firmly - helped me to reclaim who I am and has, without a doubt, made my life better." 

Megan R. 

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"Transitioning into motherhood requires significant support and i'm grateful to have be able to lean on Gabrielle throughout my journey. We aren't meant to navigate these days on our own, the dark messy ones nor the wonderful experiences worth celebrating."

Kiki A. 

Discover creative solutions to experience more ease and less overwhelm in motherhood by:

  • Exploring somatic practices for nervous system regulation and mood disorder prevention.

  • Cultivating a dialogue around the division of labor in your household so that there are clear expectations.

  • Connecting with a community of mothers who are sharing the journey with you. 

  • Discussing alternative ways to explore your sexuality and/or romantic connection to accommodate the physiological changes that birthing people experience during the postpartum. 

You will also receive ongoing support around:

  • Breastfeeding - pumping - bottle-feeding.

  • Sleep solutions for both you and your little one.

  • Education on infant/toddler care and ongoing guidance around the many obstacles of new parenthood.

  • Recovery from birth and hormone balancing.

  • Find a balance between your work/passions and parenthood.

  • Exploring what nourishes and sustains you as a parent.


You will receive this support via:

  • Three monthly calls where you will get individualized support to address any challenges you are facing in your postpartum/parenting journey. 

  • Unlimited support from me in between sessions on a group thread. If your baby is teething, if you get into a flight with your partner, if you need anything at all, you have access to support - always. 

  • Free membership to The Monthly Mothers' Collective. This is an opportunity to connect with a larger community of mothers. Each month we will focus on a different theme to support you in thriving throughout your motherhood journey.


You truly can move through motherhood with more ease and confidence.

There are three entry points for this group:

1. Supporter Rate $375. This if for you if:

  • You are comfortably able to meet all of your basic needs.

  • You own your home or rent a high-end property.

  • You own a car.

  • You can take vacations.

  • You have access to savings.

​2. Sustainer Rate $225. This is for you if: 

  • You are able to meet your basic needs.​

  • You experience financial stress.

  • You own or lease a car.

  • You have some debt, but it does not prohibit the attainment of basic needs. 

  • You are employed.

  • You might have access to financial savings. 

​3. Community Rate $175. This is for you if: 

  • Finances are tight..

  • You are unemployed.

  • You do not have access to savings.

  • You do not own a car.

  • You cannot afford a vacation without financial burden. 

* This is a 6-month non-refundable program.  After your initial payment, you will be billed monthly through February 2024

Meet Gabrielle

I have supported birthing families over the last 13 years. I became a midwife after three years of academic study with the National College of Midwifery alongside clinical apprenticeship. Throughout my career, I have found myself awed by the resiliency, grace, and wisdom of birthing families. 


My personal journey into motherhood was a humbling one.


I found myself in an almost constant state of feeling stretched beyond my capacity and yet at the same time feeling like I was never doing enough.


My incredible midwife held and supported me through these challenging times. But after our final visit at eight weeks postpartum, I felt lost and utterly alone. 


My journey with my midwife was now complete, but my journey as a mother was just beginning. I felt like I could have continued working with my midwife throughout the first year of my son’s life. 

I needed so much more support than I had in place, and didn’t know where to turn. 


It was out of these dark and lonely moments that a fire ignited in me around providing more comprehensive care beyond the fourth trimester. Postpartum Transformed was largely inspired by my own postpartum journey. 


I had an amazing team of midwives, an empowered birth, and a rock solid postpartum plan - and yet I still struggled deeply with postpartum depression and anxiety. I was so well resourced, but there was still something missing. I wanted to talk to my therapist but it was so hard to get out of the house and I wasn’t sure she would be able to show up for me in the ways that I needed, because she was not a mother herself. It felt important that the person that I was leaning into for support could fully understand what I was struggling with.


The truth is, that my ideal client was me three years ago. 

I spent the first few months of my son’s life stuck in the swampy waters of doubt and insecurity. What I needed more than anything was a kind voice reminding me to be gentle with myself. What I’ve learned through my journey of motherhood is that we need to care for ourselves, so that we can show up for the work of motherhood with a full cup and an open heart. 


Now, more than ever, we need our village of support. 


It is my greatest passion to be a lifeline to mamas who are in the thick of it. 


 I am dedicated to serving all women, birthing people, queer, trans, and non-gender conforming individuals.

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