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Mom Coach

A Mom Coach That Offers Lactation Support & Education

The biggest part of my job as a midwife is offering people educational services and making sure they are up-to-speed on being a mom. Nothing is off the table when it comes to educating new and experienced mothers alike. As a mom coach, I’m here to make sure you have access to all of the lactation support & education services you need.

Lactation is often a poorly understood part of being a mother. I get questions all the time about the difference between breast and bottle feeding, how to store milk, how often to pump, and so on. When you connect with me, you are going to get the support of an experienced mom coach who will make sure that every aspect of your motherhood is exactly what it should be.

If you have questions or concerns about lactation, but you’ve never known where to turn to, now you have a pathway to finding the answers that you need. I am here to help you understand the changes our bodies go through as well as help you get ready for the first steps in raising your child.

My educational services extend to every aspect of being a mother and raising a child through your earliest days together. Everything from your nutrition during pregnancy to your life after childbirth.

You deserve to have someone in your corner who has been through this before as well as someone who has made it her career to help women through this process.

Get in touch with me with all of your lactation support & education questions. As a mom coach, it brings me joy to be able to help new mothers through this exciting and life changing time.

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